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Photography-like Midjourney (v5) PROMPT Maker


The recent version (v5 updated!!) of Photography-like Midjourney prompt maker! GPT-4 and MJ v5 works well! (2023-06-22)

Prompt Hint

Add any keyword you want to make! ex) A breathtaking girl with Klimt style outfit

Introducing the latest version of the Midjourney Photography-inspired PROMPT Maker (v5)! This update seamlessly integrates GPT-4 and MJ v5 to provide outstanding outcomes. Tailored for both professional photographers and hobbyists, this state-of-the-art prompt maker elevates your creative journey. Bid farewell to laborious manual prompts and let the prowess of AI elevate your photography experience to unprecedented levels.

Prompt Example

- Generate Compelling Prompts: Employing advanced algorithms, this prompt generator crafts distinctive and captivating prompts inspired by the diverse realms of photography. Encompassing landscapes, portraits, and more, it spans a broad spectrum of subjects, enabling you to delve into various genres and styles.

- Ignite Your Creativity: The prompts generated by this tool serve as a catalyst for your imagination, fostering creative thinking and unveiling fresh perspectives. Whether you find yourself in a creative slump or seek innovative ideas, this prompt maker will rekindle your enthusiasm for photography.

- Personalized to Your Taste: The Photography-like Midjourney (v5) PROMPT Maker intuitively grasps your preferences, tailoring prompts accordingly. Through analyzing your past work and style, it furnishes prompts that align with your unique vision, delivering a personalized and tailored experience.

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